“The best conversation starts over good food and great drinks”

Enjoy your heart-to-heart session and opt to dine-in, takeaway or delivery

This Month’s Specials

Ice Kopi Cendol (Dessert)
Kopi Sago Gula Melaka (Dessert)

Signature Drinks

Kopi Main Hati (Latte)
Kopi Rindu (Macchiato)
Kopi Lain Hati (Macchiato)
Kopi Sakit Hati (Chocolate)
Kopi Kenangan Manis (Latte)
Kopi Banana (Latte)
Kopi Patah Hati (Latte)
Kopi Kenangan (Latte)


Kopi Latte (Latte)
Kopi Americano (Americano)

Kenangan Matcha Manis

Matcha Latte (Matcha)
Tiramisu Matcha (Matcha)
Gula Melaka Matcha (Matcha)

Kenangan Choco Terindah

Chocolate Main Hati (Macchiato)
Chocolate (Mocha)
Chocolate Banana (Mocha)

Ice Blended

Frappe Kopi Main Hati (Frappe Latte)
Frappe Kopi Lain Hati (Frappe Macchiato)
Frappe Chocolate Main Hati (Frappe Macchiato)

Refreshing Series

Blue Pina Colada Yoghurt (Yoghurt)
Berry Sour Yoghurt (Yoghurt)
Mango Lemonade (Lemonade)

Hot Food

Mac n' Cheese (Pasta)
Baked Egg Bread Bowl (Bread Bowl)
Lasagna (Pasta)
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread (Soup)

All Day Breakfast

Egg with Ham Sandwich (Sandwich)
Chicken Toast Sandwich (Toast)


Egg Sando
Tuna Sandwich
Nasi Lemak Sandwich
Salted Egg Sandwich
Italiano Chicken Sandwich
Beef Slice Sandwich
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Sweet Treats

Molten Pandan Cake with Mocha
Molten Vanilla Cake with Pandan


Garlic Butter Baked Doughnut
Ondeh-Ondeh Doughnut
Buttercream Cheese Doughnut
Cookies n' Cream Doughnut
Almond Chocolate Doughnut
Nutella Doughnut
Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut