Halal Guarantee

We are Halal-Certified by JAKIM restaurant with quality, fresh and premium ingredients. Our imported Australian beef is certified Halal and we only use free-range chicken. Our flavourful broth is made fresh daily.

100% Imported Aussie Beef

Only the premium and best cuts from Halal Australian meat supplier for an unPhogettable experience

Free Range Chicken

Indulge in leaner and tastier chicken who lived a happier and healthier life roaming farms and fields.

Fresh Seafood

Our fresh prawn, squid, mussels, razor clams and fishball ensures a tasty, briney and Insta-worthy experience!

Our Mission

To serve UnPhogettable comfort meal

Our Vision

Modernize traditional Vietnamese food and preserve Vietnamese dining experience to cater to all Malaysians

Signature Menu

Though we have an extensive menu, you simply must try these pho-bulous items!


Signature Menu: Pho

Our pho is lovingly made, slowcooked over 7 hours with 19 herbs and spices for the ultimate Vietnamese taste. We cater to all tastebud, offering beef, chicken, seafood or vegetarian pho options with different broths. Our broths are made fresh daily, and our customers can select from 3 different noodle types.

Phoking Good Reviews!

Signature Menu: Coffee

Sit back, relax, and allow our aromatic coffee, with beans imported from Vietnam for the authentic taste and feel. From iced to cold, we highly recommend our Vietnamese Egg Coffee for a creamy and unctuous drink.

Phoking Good Reviews!

Our Bowl Goal

15 Minutes Serving Time
Tasty Vietnamese Food Affordable To All
Introduce Vietnamese Culture to all
Cater to All with Various Pho Options

Our Pho-mmitment

➡️ Speed Up Serving Time by Improving Cooking Method

➡️ Train Employee To Bring Quality Services To Our Customers

➡️ Keep Close Relationship With All Suppliers to Ensure Competitive Cost

UnPhogettable Experience